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Our History-'Herstory'

Image by Kyle Cleveland

The One Truth was born of the womb of the Goddess. The Church was created to study and worship her Child - the Word I AM.

Against the backdrop of a crumbling patriarchy, the rise of the divine feminine has given birth to a mass migration of consciousness towards sovereignty as the sons and daughters of the Isis-Magdalene reclaim the concepts of church, religion, worship, and sacred space.

The Church of One Truth was founded as a way and means to learn from and be healed by the Infinite Wisdom of The Goddess. After divorcing from toxic religious, scientific, and otherwise state-sponsored dogma, the founders discovered the One Infinite Truth that exists in all things was speaking to them from a tiny space within the Heart. They found this voice of Truth, though quieted by the clamor and noise of the predominant western institutions, spoke clearly through the whispers of the Four Elements, the songs of the plants and animals, and the dances and drums of the Indigenous Ceremonies.

Fueled by an un-quenching thirst for Truth, one of the founders was led to Colombia where he was called by the spirit of the Goddess to share her message. After a two-year process through the ancient rites of Initiation with members of the Inga Tribe, in tandem with the Ascended Master Thoth, he was given permission in 2017 to carry the message back to the brothers and sisters in the North.

Our roots of service



The Ministry of the Church consists of multiple facilitators trained in various modalities of healing and Truth-Seeking. 

Our facilitators draw from the wells of some of the most ancient wisdom on the planet, albeit with baby cups. Each have been rigorously vetted and trained to administer in his or her chosen area of expertise with the utmost compassion and respect for your process. We call in various other wisdom-keepers to teach modalities such as the ancient Tantric practices of High-Alchemy, Family Constellations, Heart Initiations, and much more.
Comforting Hands

Our commitment

To always provide a very safe and sacred space for the Truth to be spoken and heard.

Matters of spirit necessarily require a great degree of surrender and vulnerability. We have been trained and tempered to manage even the most intense catalysts you might manifest during your process, and remain grounded in Unconditional Love and Impeccable Integrity to hold space for you as you get well. We will not interfere with your process, though we will remain present to serve and assist you through your dark night of the soul. 

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