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Our Offerings

Our prayer and worship is of the Heart, from the Heart, to the Heart.


We pray to the I AM, from the I AM, and ask permission to drink from her abundant cup of wisdom embodied in the sacred sacrament. 

Some prefer to pray in private, some in groups; All are welcome.

We have been trained and initiated into the ancient wisdom traditions and we consider it our honor and responsibility to share the gifts we have been given. 

Inquire- If you are feeling the call; we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Maraca, an indigenous instrument of power_edited.jpg


Sweat lodge ceremony, or Temazcal is available by invitation. As with all Indigenous ceremonies; it is recommended you get permission to sit with the ancient keepers of the ceremonies from the elders of those tribes and traditions. We hold these ceremonies and modalities from a calling and a permission to serve in our-selves and other-selves purification and healing processes, however we are only children on the great path and there are other better places to go to receive these benefits if possible. 

These ceremonies cannot be paid for, however firewood donations are always welcome.


Family Constellation Therapy is a deeply potent and effective modality used to heal and restore balance in the family system or ancestral line, as well as virtually any other Trauma or Imbalance in the system. We find this work to be especially impactful and maximally effective when completed as a preparation to and in synchronized intentions to the sitting with the sacrament. 



We often invite other healers and modalities to share their offerings in our space, as it provides a beautiful and potent setting for the work. Inquire about partnership or other opportunities to host your groups or individuals in our sanctuary. 

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