First Steps

If you are feeling called to join in ceremony, you may book online here or by calling +1-385-216-5714


The calendar online displays the available dates for public as well as private services.

You may send a deposit here or text us for a Venmo Link at your convenience.


The deposit is non-refundable to secure your place, and the amount is up to you. We work through donations, so we only request that you give from your heart. Please set up a call through this LINK, so that we may answer any questions you might have, and learn how we can best serve you.

After you have booked

The ceremony begins when you commit to it. Once you find a date that works for you, relationships, events, and energies will often begin to move around in your life to prepare you for your experience. Often times; especially for first-timers, your resistance will begin to show up- particularly as you get closer to the day of ceremony. It’s a good idea to pay attention to how the resistance expresses itself for you, whether it be through a spouse or partner, children, car troubles, financial troubles, etc. Paying attention to your resistance will give you clues as to what you’ll be working on in ceremony.




There are many good resources online for helpful dietary guidelines. We recommend browsing one or a few that resonate with you, and then following your heart. Ultimately it is between you and Grandmother, and she will hold you accountable to your own commitments. Generally speaking, the more unprocessed and plant based you can make your diet the better.


The more you can empty your vessel, purify your mind body and spirit, and sacrifice your dependencies or distractions, the more you might find you may be filled up with her Love, Truth, and Wisdom. A few items to consider your relationship to:

  • Meat

  • Salty and Spicy Foods

  • Any processed foods

  • Cheese and Animal Products in General

  • Fermented Foods

  • Psychedelics or other substances such as Marijuana

  • Prescription Medications

  • Cigarettes

  • Sexual Energy Release

  • Social Media, and Media in General

What’s important is to pay attention to what vibrations you are allowing into your being. If you ask her whether or not something is serving you, she will answer. She is already with you.

If you are on any prescription medications or other substances, it is very important you speak with us before booking.

Preparation through Meditation in the heart is a good idea. The mind will not serve you in ceremony; she will meet you in your Heart.

Common Questions:

What should I expect?

We have found it reasonable to expect nothing except that Grandmother will give us exactly what we need, and not necessarily what we think we want. Strong intentions balanced with humble surrender are generally helpful.

What do I need to bring?

If you are coming for a private service, everything will be provided for you. A water bottle, journal, and and clear intentions are a good idea as well as any crystals, totems, or talismans you find spiritually assistive.

For communal services, you will need to bring your own bedding, food items, and a place to sleep if you don’t want to sleep in the Maloca. There are plenty of spaces available to put up a tent if you choose to, but you are more than welcome to sleep in the space.

What does it cost?

The medicine is priceless; there is no price. This is a service, and a church funded by donations, and we will be honored and grateful to serve you no matter what you bring. As a point of reference, most people on average are donating about 333 per night for the communal services, and 777 per night for the private services, but it is truly up to you. Some people can’t give that much so they give what they can, trade the rest, give more later, or we provide a scholarship. We feel it’s very important if you are feeling the call to the medicine to come without worrying about the money. Others give much more because they have more, so it all seems to work out and we find that Grandmother always takes care of us. The transaction is really between you and her; What’s important is you give from your heart.

How many Ceremonies are there?

Most people seem to prefer the two ceremonies in a weekend, though there are other options available. It is recommended to sit in two ceremonies for your experience, especially for your first time. Often times your first ceremony can be very difficult, and you will be working through and purging a lot of the surface fears and getting comfortable in the space, to touch some of your deeper and more hidden relationships that may not be serving you. It’s important to follow up with the second night once you get familiar with what’s there, to complete the process. Usually you will have agitated some stuff the first night and set a sort of foundation for the work, and the second night you’re really able to build on that vibration and complete the work to create an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

How Long Does it Last?

It never ends! The vibration can stay with you for months- and the insights and wisdom can continue to unfold even years later, especially if you nurture and protect it. The ceremonies usually last from 6-8 hours, but often can go all night into the next morning.


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