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Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Helena Lopes

There is no price for the sacrament; her gift of herself is priceless.

In fact, it is forbidden in our lineage to charge: Everything we do is supported entirely by donations.


There are hard costs associated with the work we do, especially because of the way we do it. We find that when we give from abundance, we all receive in abundance.

We can offer guidelines or points of reference for you to get a sense for what is common for people to donate, but please always remember what is most important is you give from the heart. What feels like a fair exchange of energy, blessed with the intentions you wish to receive from the infinite source of Love, Truth, Wisdom, and Freedom- is more than enough. We are very flexible and open to finding arrangements with you to meet your needs, and we find we always get taken care of when we serve from our hearts. 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of service to you!

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