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All faiths are welcome.
All paths serve the Creator.
We believe there is nothing outside
of that which many people refer to as 'God'.

The Creator is All that is.

All of Mother Earth is our church


The Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are our Holy Scriptures.

The Darkness and Light are our Priestess and Priest.

Our religion is The Word I AM

We study and worship the Law the Stars and Planets obey.

The Law is One. 

Though still we know nothing, we offer you all that we have with over 5 years of experience in this lifetime serving in this role.

There are many stones in the path, and though it is open to all,

it is not for everyone. There are ways to mitigate the unpleasantries, and maximize the pleasures. 

Those are not our ways.

We have been given the honor and responsibility to carry a catalyst that demands a very Truthful look at oneself, often in extremely difficult and unpleasant ways. If you are feeling the call and the permission from Her in your heart, we welcome you.

One Truth Church - Story

One Truth Church - Story

Image by Joshua Newton

Prayer Ceremonies

Come, Pray or Meditate with us!

We pray to the I AM, from the I AM, and ask permission to drink from her abundant cup of wisdom embodied in the sacred sacrament. 

Some prefer to pray in private, some in groups; All are welcome.

We have been trained and initiated into the ancient wisdom traditions and we consider it our honor and responsibility to share the gifts we have been given. 

 If you are feeling the call; we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Image by Elly van der Pas


The most rewarding and effective use of the catalyst we have to offer can be found in the experience of one of our fully immersive 7 - 9 day retreats. We tailor our events based on the calling and needs we are presented with to draw from the wells of wisdom available from our lineage and teachers. Our offerings include:

  • Initiations

  • Dietas

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Tantra Retreats

  • Mens/Womens Events

  • Family Constellation Retreats