A Study of Truth - 

Tools for Ascension

New and Ancient Texts, Channeled Material, Links, and Video Records

Abundant resources have been made available by the Ascended Masters, Guides, Guardians, and Wisdom-Keepers to assist in the Great Awakening now upon us. Below are some that have been foundational for the Church of One Truth in preparation for the dawning of the Feminine Cycle in the Golden Age of Enlightenment.


'Anna, Grandmother of Jesus' and

'Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes' 

present the story of the Christ through the eyes and the  wisdom of Grandmother


'The Law of One' is fundamentally Foundational to the Consciousness and some of the most advanced material on the planet today. 


'The Emerald Tablets' are the keys to the Temple of Wisdom, to be read by the seeker of Truth 100 times over, then 100 times again.


'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' Volumes are crucial to the ascension process and serve as handbooks to 'The Emerald Tablets'


'Initiation' with Matias de Stefano on Gaia, as well as his work on www.yosoy.red is extremely crucial and complementary to the above listed written materials.

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