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We are currently planning our 2023 international retreats.

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All of our events are designed with the intention to offer the most effective and efficient catalyst to serve and assist each and every person present to enter into the Heart. Whether Mens or Womens events, Week Long Retreats in the Jungle or 9- day Initiations in the Desert Canyons, our intention is to offer life-changing experiences that assist people to always remember and embody their mighty 'I AM' presence.


Initiation Into the Heart

Calling on facilitators and modalities from all over the world, we shared a truly magical and transformational series of experiences centered around the balance and unity of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Starting with a day of  purification in the sweat lodge, we then took a day for each of the initiations into the four elements, all while integrating deep ancestral constellation processes. After adequate preparation and purification, we moved into the Sarcophagus Initiations where each individual separately was given a catalyst to access the deepest levels of his consciousness, confront his most core wounds and fears; whatever 'death' might have been for him, and then transmute that shadow into light of the great light. We worked with several of the Master Teacher plants, and integrated with masters of wisdom in each of their own disciplines to bring about one of the most impactful events we have yet to offer.

colombia retreat / november

A week with Grandmother

In this offering we find ourselves directly at the roots of the wisdom of the great Goddess. We sit with several members of the Inga Tribe in Colombia; a family of Taitas and Curakas who carry the ancient wisdom of the medicine in their songs. We trek deep into the heart of the jungle, high up a mountain where there is nobody but the great teacher herself. Without electricity, cell service, or even amenities; we created the most authentic and pure experience with the medicine we could imagine and she, in her wisdom always seems to reward our commitment to purity. 

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